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Welcome to my #WellnessWednesday blog! Each week I will highlight a different topic related to wellness and mental health. This may involve tips on eating foods to boost "feel good" chemicals in our bodies, mindful eating vs. emotional eating, managing mood swings, benefits of essential oils or specific discussions about overcoming depression and anxiety. This blog is for single people, married people, parents, all sorts of people.

April 2 is #LightItUpBlue Day, in recognition of autism awareness. Autism is a developmental disorder that affects cognitive, social, emotional and sensory information, and can pose quite a challenge in developing empathy and creating healthy, reciprocal relationships.

Child in Corner

April is also National Child Abuse and National Poetry Awareness Month. Children experiencing child abuse have a significantly higher risk of developing medical, neurological and emotional issues later in life. In addition, child abuse can effect your DNA and have an epigenetic impact on future generations.

Next week we will discuss the 5 Protective Factors to prevent Child Abuse.

Until next time,


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