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Family Fishing

Step-Family Coaching Services

Families don't blend... they form loyalty lumps.

Stepfamilies are built upon the loss of first families.  For many kids and teens, this involves a loss of home, school, neighborhood, and church.  Children of all ages, including adult children, often have strong feelings when a parent remarries.  

From dinner time, technology rules, special events, holidays and extended family relationships, your children's life will forever be altered when their parents remarry new people.  

We help stepfamilies with the following issues...
  • how to create friendly relationships with your stepkids

  • how to set fair behavioral expectations with all kids in the home

  • how to make special time for your kids and show them they are loved while also building relationships with your stepkids

  • how to support your spouse's parenting decisions, not be the disciplinarian

  • how to accept/respond to your child's reluctance to engage with your spouse or your spouse's kids

  • how to give your kids space and let relationships develop naturally

  • how to focus on your new spouse and make sure you are being fair and listening to your children

  • how to discuss shifts in your relationships with your kids and include everyone

  • learning when to step in and when to let your spouse and children resolve differences

  • creating a safe space for your children to process their feelings

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