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Benefits of Being a Night Owl

Love coffee, HULU and late night creativity? Does the thought of going to bed at 10pm deeply disturb you? How do you feel the morning after a Law & Order, SVU, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and HULU marathon? Are you sleeping through the night or tossing and turning, and can't go back to sleep?


As children we were penalized for being tardy to class; as adults we are told we need to arrive early to be on time and that we should be able to get to work by 8am. Early risers are rewarded and night owls are penalized. So I "cried out with glee" when I discovered there are benefits to being a night owl.

For example, smarter children are more likely to go to bed late and wake up late on both weekdays and weekends, (Satoshi Kanazawa, London School of Economics & Political Science), night owl teens may have higher inductive reasoning skills than their early bird counterparts (University of Madrid) and night people are more likely to develop original and creative solutions than morning people (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy) Marina Giampietro also found that taying up late may encourage the development of non-conventional spirit and the ability to find alternative and original solutions."

Interested in learning ways to improve the quality of sleep while embracing your creativity? Tune in next time! Don't want to wait? Call Sara at 913-244-8786 for more info!

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