"Wonder Woman Coaching": A Case for Suicide Prevention

Suicide rates for teen girls are the highest in 40 years. We need to do better, to have honest conversations about sadness, grief, depression and suicide. We need to listen more and embrace our fears instead of avoiding them. We need to raise more feisty Wonder Women and imagine what can be, not focus on our fears. We need something to believe in, to make the struggle worth it.

Why Wonder Woman Matters

More than ever before, teens are bombarded with social pressures, bullying and the pressure to look perfect, be perfect and act perfect. Perfect images of family vacations, parties and fun with besties bombard our social media feeds. Nowadays,, bullying occurs on and off school grounds bombarding teens 24/7, making it difficult to develop good self-esteem and believe they are worthy of loving and belonging.

Teens need to have the courage to create their own superhero chapter, to rise above and live with courage, compassion and connection. Wonder Woman's story is a story of love, compassion, following your heart and doing what must be done for the greater good, harnessing vulnerability and loss into a superpower in order to defeat Ares.

Superheroes Defined

Superheroes have distinct characteristics that set them apart from humans. They are also like us in that they have superpowers and a weakness they must learn to overcome or receive help from a friend. Here are a few universal qualities of superheroes:

1. Superheroes are adopted into other families or tribes. Superheroes rarely have a relationship with their biological parents. Superman was adopted by loving parents that found his ship, Spider-Man was raised by his aunt and uncle, Wonder Woman never knew her father and left the island she grew up on and her mother, Queen Hippolyta, never to return again.

2. Complex Family Relationships. Superheroes have difficulties with friendships and romantic relationships, constantly struggling with the tension of being who they are and living as their alter-ego and fear of being discovered for their true selves. They often need to leave at a moment's notice in order to save the world from the latest villain threatening to destroy it.

3. They possess special super-human abilities or powers. Whether by sheer accident, genetic mutation or receiving "really cool toys", they have special powers and abilities allowing them to rise above and save humanity.

4. They rise above their vulnerabilities to act for the "greater good." Superheroes have a mission to act for the greater good and save the world, even at personal cost. "With great power, comes great responsibility." They also struggle with light and dark forces.

Hope, Suicide and Wonder Woman

Hannah Baker, the teen ending her life by suicide in the Netflix series, "13 Reasons Why", lost hope in herself, people and the human condition. She wanted someone to care enough about her to want to help and be there for her and felt no one did, not even herself.

I've often wondered what might have happened to her character and other teens like her, if she believed she was a powerful Wonder Woman and worthy of love. Or if her family openly talked about feelings, mental health and bullying instead of ignoring these issues.


Embracing your inner goddess (a.k.a. "Wonder Woman Training") means learning to live with courage, compassion and connection and believing you are worthy of love and belonging. It means embracing your vulnerability and your flaws with self-love.

Our clients come to us to work through issues of perfectionism, self-loathing, shame, fear loss of connection, loneliness and codependency. We help them find self-love, looking inward for validation and a sense of worthiness, clarify their emotional and relational goals and provide encouragement, support and empathy.

Interested in learning about Wonder Woman Rising Coaching Services? Need support on your self-love journey? Call Sara for a FREE 15 minute CONSULTATION!

With gratitude,

Sara Minges, M.S., Director

Wonder Woman Rising

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