Why We Need to Play in the Snow

Put down your cell phone and Ipad, tell your kids and teens to turn off the Xbox and tv and go outside and play. Yes, it is not a misprint. PLAY in the SNOW with your KIDS. Forget about work for an hour and focus only on having fun with your family. Even if they moan and groan.

Why Should You Play with Your Kids?

Why should you play with your kids? Well, playing usually involves smiling and laughing, right? Well, laughter reduces stress, triggers the release of “feel good” chemicals, temporarily releases pain and promotes an overall sense of well-being. Smiling also retrains your brain by helping the mind have a more positive outlook.

Now, for the playful part. Play has many great qualities including improved:

  • social skills

  • focus & attention

  • parent-child & sibling relationships

  • sharing

  • compassion, empathy & perspective-taking

  • problem-solving

  • hope for the future

  • mood, regulation of emotions

Do you really want your family to develop an emotional relationship with electronic devices or with each other?


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