Why Coloring Books Help You Feel Better

playful awareness

Are you stressed out and overwhelmed?

So many people make New Year resolutions, however often times these changes are short lived. Why is it that we evaluate our goals in December, make resolutions in January and and often forget them in February? Perhaps we are too ambitious or make impractical goals.

Coloring Books Help Reduce Stress

Adult coloring books help us to have a relaxing mindset and focus on the present moment instead of worrying about the future. They allow us to create, be playful and practice self-love. For me, coloring books remind me of happy memories of visiting my grandparents.

Mindful Coloring

Yes, coloring is a form of mindful meditation. Mindfulness is having unconditional self-acceptance of your feelings, thoughts and impulses while focusing on the present moment. Research has linked mindfulness to reduced impulsivity, improved attention & focus and reducing feelings of depression.

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