Royals 2015 World Series Champions: Why Teamwork is Magical

“They simply refused to give up!” That’s right folks… Our 2015 Royals World Series Champions simply REF– USED to give up. Last night’s game was not one by a single player. It was won by a TEAM that REF– USED to give up. By now you’ve all seen the replays. You’ve heard the saying it takes a village? Well, it takes an entire team!

This team, the 2015 Champions have been referred to as “relentless” and “the kings of improbability” by media outlets. Their general manager believed, when they were down by two runs at the beginning of the 9th inning, that they would still find a way to win the World Series. When interviewed following the win, he stated he “just had a feeling.”

World Series MVP Salvador Perez shared the true secret about the Royals in a recent interview: “We never quit. We never put our heads down. We always compete to the last out. There is truly something magical about this year’s Royals team.

Are you being a team player, doing your part to make an important contribution to your team? Do you feel like giving up? Are you waiting for the magic to happen?

I was 8 years old the last time the Royals won a world series. 8 years old… Yet there was something about that year that made the Royals magical in my eyes. I never gave up hope that they would find that magic again.

Is your life missing that magic? What are you waiting for? What’s stopping you from having an amazing magical life?


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