Ran out of sugar for my coffee...Peppermint oil saved me!!!

playful awareness
Just as the last drop of Keurig coffee landed in my Cafe du Monde coffee cup and I poured in some creamer, I discovered there was not enough to sweeten my coffee the way I like it and the last packet of sugar was used in yesterday’s coffee. Keep in mind I was about to start a meeting with my website developer and the thought of black, bitter coffee made me cringe. What was I to do? And then I remembered my Doterra essential oils.

My friend Paula told me she uses peppermint oil when she makes brownies so I thought it might just work. I rushed out to my car for my bottle, put a couple drops in my coffee and then the MAGIC happened! Just the right amount of sweet with a burst of alertness.

Here are a few other benefits of peppermint oil:
1. Helps relieve tension when applied topically
2. Helps decrease bloating and occasional constipation
3. Increases alertness & energy
4. Promotes healthy respiratory functioning
5. Helps freshen breath


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