Play Therapy: Take Two!

"Why play therapy?" Because time flies when we are having fun! Play therapy is a type of counseling, involving joyous, fun and engaging activities to help children and adults find happiness. Play therapists have specialized training in therapeutic activities and techniques to help children and adults process their feelings and life experiences in a sensory way. It also emphasizes the importance of mindful awareness, a core skill set of Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Back In 2012, I was featured by the Lawrence Journal World in an article entitled, "Play therapy not just fun and games." In the article I talked about Playful Awareness and using play therapy to treat Sensory Processing/Integration Disorder. In the article I talked about play therapy as a tool for clients to find a different way of resolving issues and getting out of their cognitive head.

Play therapy also provides an emotional release through fun, engaging activities intended to heal past hurts, trauma, sadness and anxiety. It is magical as it gives clients permission to do things they cannot do in their real life: leap to the top of a building in a single bound, handcuff an abuser and send to jail; be a movie star; throw snow balls at a sibling; believe and have hope anything is possible; to believe in heroes.

We enjoy helping parents understand Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD, supporting divorcing families, children with a parent with significant mental health challenges and adults coping with trauma, grief and significant persistent mental illness such as Major Depression, suicidal thoughts and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Here are some signs play therapy may be right for you:

- overall unhappiness/dissatisfaction with life

- experiencing multiple stressors making it difficult to cope

- sleep issues (too much or too little)

- panic attacks/extreme anxiety

- divorce/infidelity/relationship issues

-significant/consistent disruptive behaviors of child

-life event/new transition

-eye contact difficulties

-emotional eating

-gut health issues


If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at 913-244-8786.

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