Holidays are a time to relax, take the day off from work and enjoy being with family, right? Well, that seems to be the ideal, although it often is a bit more messy. Turkeys get burnt, sisters and moms criticize the way we cook our favorite dish, tempers may be short or sometimes we try too hard to reconnect and repair relationships during holidays. Add wine, beer or hard liquor to the mix and watch out. Things are about to get interesting…


Do you eat too much or drink too much at family gatherings because you are nervous, irritable or unsure what to say? Hours later do you feel like you never want to eat again? Did that extra piece of pumpkin pie make you cringe for hours? Here are some tips to help you survive the holiday:

1. Sometimes it is better to be happy instead of right. Is it worth telling your sister how you feel when she criticizes your cooking? Do you think she will listen or “hear” you?

2. Listen to your gut. Take a probiotic or rub a few drops of Doterra Digest Zen essential oil on your tummy 20 minutes before dinner time to aid with digestion.

3. Drink plenty of water to help with digestion.

4. Look for something you admire or respect in each of your family members. Yes, this may be difficult. Although it will likely help you find topics of conversation where you can be authentic.

5. Is that second piece of pie really what you are craving? Can you distract yourself from the urge to get a second helping?

6. Prepare ahead of time for how to handle your emotional triggers when entertaining family. Do you have a “code word” to signify to your spouse you need a break?

7. This too shall pass. Remember, you can get through the next 20 minutes. Anyone can do that, right? Now, try another 20 minutes and so on. Before you know it, dessert has been eaten and you are saying good-bye to your guests.


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