Medical Insurance Can Be Harmful

Thanks to the Affordable Health Care Act, most of us now have health insurance that covers mental health services. Sounds great, right? Well, maybe not…

Managed care companies require clinical therapy services to be medically necessary, meaning a client must be diagnosed with a mental health disorder in order to receive reimbursement for mental health services. This diagnosis, or label, will become a part of their permanent medical record. So what, you might be thinking… Let’s think about that for a minute… Having a mental health diagnosis/label is likely to result in the following negative outcomes:

  • Higher life insurance premiums

  • Denied applications for academic programs or civil service/government jobs

  • Denied promotions/rank advancement/deployment in the military

  • Being “labeled” as a trouble kid at school

  • Longer treatment needed to resolve emotional issues

  • Being labeled as “mentally ill” when you are grieving the loss of a loved one

  • Lack of motivation in following through with homework assignments/making lasting therapeutic change

Playful Awareness has chosen to spend more time encouraging and supporting clients by offering a wide range of holistic services, instead of spending valuable resources on working with insurance companies. We want to provide value to clients to help solve a need. We provide individual, family and grief counseling;wellness/life coaching, parent-child evaluations, Christian counseling, crisis services and Doterra essential oils to help clients feel better and maintain overall functioning. Clients have the option of receiving general support or specialized play therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy services 7 days per week.


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