Managing Moods with Essential Oils

Doterra essential oils have improved my quality of life in such a profound way. I suffer from chronic neck and back pain, severe fatigue and sleep problems.. Several months ago Clay, Westerlund, a colleague and Doterra rep introduced me to Deep Blue, an essential oil cream.

Prior to that time I had tried Gabapentin, Flexiril, Advil and yoga to help manage my pain and severe fatigue. While there was some limited benefit, the medications often made me feel tired and groggy the next day. Within 10 minutes of using Deep Blue I experienced such relief in my neck and shoulders, relief I had never experienced before. Muscle tension and soreness had dissipated and I could move freely.

I realize there is some controversy about essential oils such as what kind of testing is used, how the oil is extracted, whether oils can be ingested and what oils work best on common ailments.

I love to educate others on ways to improve emotional well-being and provide options for clients. Doterra has been so beneficial for me, I want to share how helpful they can be with others.

We are having a FREE essential oils class on October 20th from 7-8:30pm at Girls on the Run in Prairie Village, KS. If interested, please call Sara @ (913) 244-8786 to register, as space is limited. Samples will be provided along with a door prize.

All the best, Sara Minges, LPC

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