Happy Housework & Toxin Free Laundry Detergent

Essential oils have received a lot of attention lately! Retail stores such as Wal-Mart and Whole Foods are selling what they describe as “pure essential oils,” and the term “therapeutic grade” has also been used by other essential oil companies.

How is Doterra Different? Doterra essential oils use the designation of “Certified Therapeutic Grade.” All of their oils are sent to an independent third party tester to make sure they consistent of 100% essential oils. Here are a couple of reasons why I love Doterra!

Happy Housecleaning with Wild Orange & Lemon! I really hate housework! About a month ago I read a blog about someone using Wild Orange in their vacuum cleaner to help freshen the carpet and air. So, I decided to try it myself. I am happy to report my bedroom now has a light, citrus orange scent that lifts my mood, making it more likely I will actually dust. Did I mention I hate housework? As a kid, I really loved the lemon fresh scent of Pledge. I tried Lemon essential oil on my Swiffer Sweeper and my dust rag. Well, my hardwood floors and wooden furniture now have a nice shine and my living room still has the lemon-y scent I love.

GROUNDING BLEND LAUNDRY DETERGENT For years I was blessed with no allergies whatsoever! A few years ago i started using Tide exclusively instead of other laundry detergents. Well, an interesting thing happened. I started getting stuffed up more often, more sore throats and having really itchy skin, for no apparent reason. I thought nothing of it until I started using Doterra products last year.

Recently, I began using Doterra Grounding Blend Laundry Detergent. This contains the same On Guard essential oil I love to use to help boost my immune system and protect me from colds and sore throats. My skin is clearer, less itchy and I really love this spicy Fall scent. (Please note: Tide contains 1.4-dioxane, a chemical found in paint and varnish and identified as a human carcinogen by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Interestingly, acute exposure of high levels has been attributed to vertigo, drowsiness, headaches, anorexia and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat.)

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Doterra essential oils, please contact Sara a 913-244-8786 for a FREE CONSULTATION.


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