Fourth of July: Your Day of Independence

"Pursuit of Happiness"

Today, Fourth of July celebrations filled with fireworks, family and fun can be found all across America. A national day of recognition to celebrate our country's independence and our unalienable right to pursue happiness. So, what does the pursuit of happiness really mean?

Do you really want to be happy? I mean, do you want to do the work in order for achieve happiness or live in the past, focused on regret, anger and sadness? Confused about how to get started? Here are 4 ways to let go and create a space for healing and new beginnings:

1. Write Yourself A Love Letter! Visualize loving your body, mind, heart and spirit. Young skin, flat stomach, perfect hair day, a knockout dress. Imagine your letter is from a new lover. Get excited about rediscovering you.

2. Give Yourself Permission. Allow yourself to have intense emotions and to honor your own experience, even if others disagree. Let it all hang out. Use profanity if you need to, just get it all out! Release all of the hurt, anger, guilt and shame you have been feeling. Your heart and gut will thank you!

3. Face Your Fears. What is holding you back from forgiving and letting go? Do you want to be happy or does your anger and resentment feel safer than learning to trust others again?

4. Create an Abundance Attitude. You deserve to live a life of abundance, love, happiness and joy. Yes, sad things happen, it's part of the human condition. Do things that make you happy. If you have lost your self and have no idea, try something new. New restaurant, new cocktail, check out a poetry reading, local band, art gallery, take a stroll in the park.

Want to learn more? Contact Sara for a free consultation!

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