Eat When You Are Hungry, Stop When You Are Full.

EAT when you are hungry, stop when you are full. Sounds easy, right? Um, not so much. It requires daily intentional action and mindful awareness of our mind, body, thoughts and mood.

At one point or another, I believe we have all struggled with weight. Whether that is restricting, overeating or trying to find a healthy balance. Here is my story…

About five years ago, I gained 30 pounds and weighed about 155. Somehow, the combination of stress, a new diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, had thrown my body out of whack. It hurt to move and I felt overwhelmed by personal and professional stressors. I felt kind of awful! I have a small frame to begin with and a weak spine, so the added weight had also taken a toll on my well-being.

At the time I did some soul-searching and adopted an “embrace my inner goddess” mentality. I would consciously take time to breathe deeply, stand with confidence, pulling my frame up with my abdomen muscles. In addition, I would drink more water, eat four meals throughout the day, consisting of 400-500 calories about and focused on using organic or healthy ingredients and staying away from processed foods, when possible. I would also park at the back of parking lots in order to increase my daily steps.

While all of these things were helpful, I believe the most important change was that I ate only when hungry, stopped eating when I was full and would ask myself if I was truly hungry or just bored, irritated, happy or frustrated. When i was unsure, I would drink carbonated water.

Amazingly, the pounds came off immediately. In fact, I became a bit worried I was losing too much weight. I had more energy, was happier and felt better, inside and out.

Until next time, Sara

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