Coloring Books Make Me Happy

COLORING BOOKS: Could they be the cost-effective mental health solution you are looking for? Like me, I am sure you have seen the Facebook postings and news articles about continued cuts to higher education and community services.
I am frustrated by the common assumption that arts and expressive programs seem to be the first programs to lose funding. Instead of prescribing so many medications to children and adults for depression, anxiety and ADHD, why not offer “play breaks” for children and adults in middle schools, high schools and workplace environments? Most adults I know would love to have recess at work. Instead of reaching for that extra soda, cup of coffee or donut, why not provide coloring books, markers, crayons and pencils.
Coloring activates both hemispheres of the brain requiring the use of both logic and creativity. Coloring helps people stay in the moment, worry less and feel happy. I’d like to offer a coloring book to all of my clients to use at home to supplement the therapeutic work taking place during sessions.


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