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Navigating post-divorce and stepfamily relationships can often feel like dodging land mines.  Regardless of their age, children often have difficulty watching their parents divorce, date or remarry.  

Families don't blend, they form in unequal lumps, forged by layers of loyalty and protection.  Allegiances are formed and new connections emerge.  

I'm passionate about helping parents understand how kids feel when their parents divorce and/or remarry, how to co-parent peacefully, and do what is best for their kids.  

I've been part of a blended family for 25+ years and met my stepbrother the day our parents moved in with each other.  I'm also a former Child & Family Therapist and hold two psychology degrees.  


Currently, I live with my two beloved orange tabby cats, Honey and Tazzy, and am writing a book on co-parenting and blended family relationships.  


“Sara is great!  I’m really grateful to know such a kind spirit who always leads by example.  

      Her coaching is a reflection of who she is as a person, a remarkable human being.”

-Allen Little, TedX Speaker, 2020 #1 Rated Life Coach in Kansas City

“Sara is the best!  She has an energy about what she does that is warm and funand great for children and adults alike.  I couldn’t recommend her any higher.”  


- Bryan O’Connor, 2014

“Sara is one of the most compassionate people

I have ever met.  Her attentiveness, professionalism

and empathy are evident in both her public

presentations and individual sessions.” 

-Dan Wohlenhaus

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