Sara Minges, M.S., Founder

Sara Minges is the Founder of Playful Awareness.  She's a former Child & Family Therapist with 25 years experience coaching and empowering at-risk families in Oak Ridge, TN (near Knoxville, TN), Kansas City, MO, and Overland Park, KS.  

Sara holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Child & Family Studies from the University of Tennessee.  Soon after graduating, Sara started her career in mental health at Ridgeview Resources for Living, working a Respite Counselor for SED children and their families.  

Many of the parents she worked with struggled with reading.  Sara discovered she had a gift for creating trusting relationships with parents, and learned how healing and beneficial playing with and spending time with kids/teens can be in creating positive change in families.   

In 2001, soon after receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Child & Family Studies from the University of Tennessee, she started her social service career as a Respite Counselor at Ridgeview Resources for Living.  


passionate about helping all families find authentic happiness and create brave, vulnerable, and empathetic connections. 


After 20 years of helping families as a family interventionist, foster care worker, therapist, life coach, and speaker in Tennessee, Missouri, and Kansas, Sara continues to love helping others transform their life stories and achieve true happiness and joy.  

Sara holds a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Child & Family Studies from the University of Tenness-Knoxville, and a Master's of Science in Counseling Psychology from Avila University (Kansas City, MO).  Sara began her career in social services working as a Respite Counselor for SED Children at Ridgeview Resources for Living in Oak Ridge, TN.  

Sara understands the complexities of family relationships and dynamics.  She understands the unique experience of growing up with a sibling with special needs, a mother with significant mental health issues and the pressure to perform.  She's also been part of a blended family for 25+ years, and both her brother and mother have passed away.  

Sara loves to find creative solutions to problems, and help families have hope that their lives can be better.  She's been a speaker for lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation, National Alliance for Mental Illness and has been featured on "The Gifters" and "First Generations" podcasts bsed in Beverly Hills, CA and Ontario, CA.  


Sara's areas of expertise include:

* Parent-child relationships

*ADHD Brain Education and Parent Coaching

*Child & Teen Disruptive Behaviors

*High family Conflict

*DBT Skills Training

* Grief & Loss

*Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

*Loving Yourself When Others Don't

*Healthy Relationships & Boundaries


“Sara is great!  I’m really grateful to know such a kind spirit who always leads by example.  

      Her coaching is a reflection of who she is as a person, a remarkable human being.”

-Allen Little, TedX Speaker, 2020 #1 Rated Life Coach in Kansas City

“Sara is the best!  She has an energy about what she does that is warm and funand great for children and adults alike.  I couldn’t recommend her any higher.”  


- Bryan O’Connor, 2014

“Sara is one of the most compassionate people

I have ever met.  Her attentiveness, professionalism

and empathy are evident in both her public

presentations and individual sessions.” 

-Dan Wohlenhaus