Sara Minges, M.S.





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Let me jump right in and talk about why I decided NOT to get certified as a LIFE COACH...


Too many times life coaches believe they need a certification to sound legit or that they know what they are talking about.  Sadly, too many certification programs focus more on marketing and sounding legit than teaching actual life coaching skills...

Life coaching and counseling share the following skills: 

* active listening

* reframing

*solution focused

* motivational interviewing

* discovering client goals/needs

* encouraging, validating, and empowering clients

After 20 years of helping people as a licensed and unlicensed mental health professional, I prefer being a life coach.  i have the freedom to travel, while helping people all across the globe live happy lives.  I UNDERSTAND my client's struggles from a professional and personal perspective, and have experience in helping clients that want to make lasting changes in their lives, to live HAPPY LIVES!  

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I've personally experienced many life experiences similar to my clients...

* special needs older sibling

* death of special needs older sibling as a young adult

* parent's divorce/remarriage/divorce

* new stepparents/siblings/ death of stepparent

* death of a parent

* living with a chronic pain disorder

* childhood neglect

* living with ADD

*ADD adulting struggles

* 18+ moves

* letting go of toxic relationships




For 20 years I've helped people achieve their personal goals and create the HAPPY LIVES they always dreamed of.  This includes kids, teens, and adults ages 3-60.   I've worked as a respite counselor, foster care worker, therapeutic case manager, licensed therapist, and life coach.  I've also worked with Lady Gaga's Foundation and the National Alliance for Mental Illness.  


In 2000, I completed a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Child & Family Studies from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.  In 2007, I completed a M.S. in Counseling Psychology from Avila University, a private college in Kansas City, MO.   In 2008, I completed an intensive certification program at KC Play Therapy Institute.  

I CARE about YOUR HAPPINESS!  Life is short... you deserve to have ALL of your DREAMS come true!  I UNDERSTAND life struggles and want to let go of emotional pain in order to live your best life!  Let's start today!  

To book an appointment, please call (913) 244-8786 or send an email to  


“Sara is great!  I’m really grateful to know such a kind spirit who always leads by example.  

      Her coaching is a reflection of who she is as a person, a remarkable human being.”

-Allen Little, TedX Speaker, 2020 #1 Rated Life Coach in Kansas City

“Sara is the best!  She has an energy about what she does that is warm and funand great for children and adults alike.  I couldn’t recommend her any higher.”  


- Bryan O’Connor, 2014

“Sara is one of the most compassionate people

I have ever met.  Her attentiveness, professionalism

and empathy are evident in both her public

presentations and individual sessions.” 

-Dan Wohlenhaus