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Sara Minges is the Founder and CEO of Playful Awareness.  She's a 2019 Pitch KC Best Poet Nominee, Award Winning Speaker, Author, parenting coach and mentor and successful entrepreneur living with ADHD. 

Sara understands chaotic and complex family relationships.  She was raised in a home with a special needs sibling and a severely depressed parent and has been part of a blended family since 1994.  Additionally, Sara has also experienced the premature death of her brother and mother.  


Sara has a passion for working with divorcing/separated families in the areas of co-parenting, setting boundaries and successful blended family transitions.  She also specializes in working with kids, teens and adults living with ADD, including helping parents understand their ADD children.  

Sara likes to "keep it real", offering fun, friendly, practical solutions to her clients problems.  Her approach uses validation, empowerment, skills training and listening to the wants and needs of each member of the family.  



     “Sara is great!  I’m really grateful to know such a kind spirit who always leads by example.  

      Her coaching is a reflection of who she is as a person, a remarkable human being.”

-Allen Little, TedX Speaker, 2020 #1 Rated Life Coach in Kansas City


      “Sara is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met.  Her

      attentiveness, professionalism and empathy are evident in both her

      public presentations and individual sessions.” 

-Dan Wohlenhaus



“Sara is the best!  She has an energy about what she does that is warm and fun

and great for children and adults alike.  I couldn’t recommend her any higher.”  


- Bryan O’Connor, 2014

“Sara brings more than a knowledge of therapeutic expertise to her practice.  

She brings an authentic spontaneity to her work with children and adults.  

Her clients get how much she cares for them.  Her methods are informed not

just by her extensive training, but by her keen intuitive gift of knowing not

only what clients need, but when they are ready to grow to the next stage of their

healing journey.  

- Alex Ehrsam, Ehrsam Counseling, 2013


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