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I discover my best ideas barefoot... my book Naked Toes is proof!  

Adulting can be super hard when we just want to create and do things we love.  Sadly, we can't do the fun stuff without adulting... or hiring someone to do the adulting for us.  

Before we hire someone (sounds great, right?), we need a process or procedure to show them how to do what we want to be done, in the way we want it done, right?  Or maybe we just need a process for ourselves to follow, one that makes living life EASIER!  

SASSY SARA is here to HELP! 


If your office looks like a tornado just landed, I can help! 


* Want to start a business but unsure what to do and if you even should start a business?  I can help you CLARIFY your wants and wishes, discover and uncover your entrepreneur mindset, or if you just want to make your own hours and do what you love!

* Overwhelmed with life or can't remember the last time you laughed or smiled and felt truly happy?  I can help bring back your smile.

*Do you have ADHD and feel like your life is unmanagable?  

* Tired of relationships turning into dead ends?  

* Want to break patterns of toxicity and codependency?  

* Wish you could lose weight and eat foods you love?  Let's chat about The Goddess Plan!

Will it be EASY?  Probably not!

Will it require work, SACRIFICE, and giving up old habits? ABSOLUTELY!

If it were easy, everyone would do it...  While life coaching can benefit everyone, people often choose to AVOID minor life struggles until they ERUPT like a volcano!

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