Journal Your Way to Self-Healing

Remember keeping a journal or diary in high school, full of your inner most thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams, trials and tribulations? Perhaps it came with a lock and key or the word PRIVATE was written across the front.

Fast forward several years, do you still find yourself journaling? If not, why did you stop? As a teen, did writing help you feel better or provide sense of peace and comfort? Have life responsibilities or other priorities taken over?

According to Kathleen Adams, LPC, author of Journal to the Self, "journal therapy is about using personal material as a way of documenting an experience, and learrning about yourself in the process."

Some benefits of journaling include:

- Clarification of your personal experiences

Journaling helps you connect with your thoughts, feelings, values and desires; separating what you want from what you have been told you should want.

-Letting Go of Stress & Intense Emotions

Writing things down makes them real and tangible, forcing us to acknowledge their existence. It also frees our minds and hearts of worry and fear, allowing for self-acceptance and freedom from pain.

-Rewriting Your Life Story

Journaling allows you to reframe your life story, transforming a story of loss and sadness into one of fulfillment, laughter and hope.


Go slow, lean into it. Enjoy the process, allowing yourself to enjoy being introspective. Look forward to having a greater understanding of yourself, faults and all...

Unsure what to right about? Write about your favorite dessert, how each bite tastes; write about an adventure you would like to go on, an exotic place you've traveled to; how the white beach sand feels between your toes.


Purcell, M. (2016). The Health Benefits of Journaling. Psych Central. Retrieved on March 22, 2017, from

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