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Few things feel better than laughing... even when our sides start to hurt.  Sometimes irritation, anger, and resentments, along with overwhelming stress can make it hard to laugh and stay in the moment.  

Athletes have coaches to help them succeed, live up to their true potential, and help individual players work together to succeed.  Families are a special kind of team...  Each member works together when things go well, and love, laughter, and communication fall apart when each member does not commit or put in time and effort to support and achieve collective family goals.  

Just think of me as your friendly family coach.  I'm here to help you get back on track, work towards your goals, maintain progress, and work together to achieve success.  

I love to help families create happy plans; plans for achieving physical, social, emotional, spiritual goals while having fun.  Families who play together, show love and empathy for each other, and laugh often, stay together.  

Here are some questions I ask my clients:

1. Do all family members have age-appropriate household chores?  Is each person held accountable for completing chores?  

2. What are collective family values about how each member communicates with each other (respectful language, kind words, no cussing or swearing)?

3. Are kids and teens able to speak up respectfully when they don't agree with something?

4. Do parents hold themselves accountable for their actions and model relational consistency?

5. Does the family openly talk about mental health and authentically express a wide range of emotions?  If not, why?

6.  Are parents in tune with the emotional cues and needs of their kids and teens?

7. How does each person in the family deal with conflict?

8. Does the family eat dinner together at least 3 times per week?  If not, do they have regular times set aside for "family time" without electronics?

9. What activities does the family enjoy doing together?  

10.  Does each member apologize or show remorse when they have been unkind or hurt another person's feelings?  If not, why?

11. What traditions does the family share together?  (game night, decorating the Christmas tree, special family foods.)

These are just some of the questions I like to ask new families.  They help me understand their day-to-day lives and ways communication may break down or trust may be broken.  They also let me know about the family's strengths, values, and areas of struggle.  



 Want to work with me?  Call 913-244-8786 or send an email to sara@playfulawareness.com.  





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