Happy Skills Coaching


We all want to be happy... sometimes we lack the skills, feel stuck, or are unsure where to start.  


We devalue mindfulness or put it at the bottom of our "to do list."  We don't really believe, deep in our gut, that happiness and feeling truly loved, flaws and all, is possible.  


All staff at Playful Awareness are former therapists turned happy coaches, empowering our clients to create and live lives they love!  We are also graduates of the school of hard knocks and know true authentic happiness is possible for everyone if you put in the work.  

Our specialized happy programs can help with the f
ollowing issues:

  • unhappiness

  • co-dependency

  • toxic relationships

  • impulsivity

  • ADHD

  • time management

  • mood swings

  • irritability

  • sleep

  • setting personal boundaries

  • emotional eating

  • setting life goals

  • intuitive eating

  • conflict resolution

  • parenting limits

  • overcoming trauma

  • personal accountability



         To schedule an appointment, call Sara at (913) 244-8786. 
       Free consultations provided.  





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