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Family Time


Each family is unique and lovable... regardless of size, color or value system.

Kids don't come with instruction manuals... each one is unique and challenges parents in different ways.  Parents don't have all the answers, even though it can be hard to admit.  Parent coaching, and consultation, and services offer new innovative ways of helping you get unstuck and feel confident in your parenting abilities.  Think of your parenting coach or consultant as another important part of your support system, one that will support you, hold you accountable, and listen to your fears as a parent, working together to find solutions.  

We help parents with the following struggles...
  • setting and enforcing bedtime and meal routines

  • handling tantrums at the dinner table and during bedtime routines

  • creating structure at home to best support distracted and impulsive kids

  • how to set fair behavioral expectations with all kids in the home

  • how to make special time for your kids and show them they are loved

  • work/life balance

  • talking with your spouse about sharing childcare responsibilities

  • limiting tech time

  • taking care of yourself emotionally and taking care of your kids

  • letting your kids make decisions; encouraging and empowering them to get back up.  

  • creating a safe space for your children to process their feelings.

  • Understanding ADD/ADHD and how this impacts parenting effectively

  • Understanding how DIVORCE affects kids... and how to make the transition easier.

  • self-esteem

  • teaching skills of empathy and validation

  • setting healthy boundaries

  • improving your relationship with your teens

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