Essential Oil Education

How Can Essential Oils Promote Emotional Health?

Essential Oils are the "lifeblood" of plants, trees and flowers.  They are the parts of the plant containing medicinal healing properties.  


Essential oils can help:

  • relieves occasional sleeplessness

  • relieves head and neck tension

  • reduces sad and anxious feelings

  • reduces tension and irritability

  • supports a healthy eating/weight loss plan

  • helps with focus and staying on task

  • eases morning sickness

  • treats mild acne

  • relieves minor pain

  • helps restore mental alertness

  • promote immune system health

  • improve digestion

  • reduce inflammation

  • improve mood

All essential oils are not created equal.  Doterra essential oils have the  Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) guarantee that they contain 100% essential oil.  They ensure this by requiring all oil to go through 8 different types of 3rd party testing to ensure there are no additives or synthetics contained in the oils.  

How Can I Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils can be used 3 ways: topically, internally and aromatically.  We caution users to refer to Doterra's guide on what oils can be ingested and to remember this does not apply to oils from other companies.

Aromatherapy is believed to be effective due to the aroma of the oils stimulating nerves in the nose.  These nerves then send messages to our brain's limbic system and amygdala, the emotion center.  Aromatherapy is used to help with relaxation, stress management; reducing symptoms of sadness, anxiety, sleep, irritability and restlessness.  It can also help improve the ability to focus and stay on task, along with many other benefits (WebMd).

Why Use Essential Oils?  

Essential oils are a safe and effective tool to improve overall wellness and can be used safely with children and adults.  Plus, they are the "life blood" of the plant and have been used for centuries.  They can also be used safely with children and adults.  

Aromatherapy offers a quick solution to improve our mood, get a good night's sleep or just physically feel better.  Several of our clients have chosen to integrate essential oils into their daily health and wellness plan to improve sleep, manage stress, improve digestion, reduce headaches and decrease coughing and congestion due to colds or allergies.  They also use encouraging, uplifting and peaceful blends to regulate emotions.

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