Image by Luca Baini

Compassionate Co-Parent Coaching Services

Co-Parenting begins with love... and boundaries.

You may no longer love your ex... but your kids still do!  Co-parenting is about showing your children they are loved and setting clear boundaries about acceptable behavior and communication.  It is not about getting back at your ex.  

We help parents with the following co-parenting issues...
  • creating clear boundaries around text, phone, and email communication

  • how much to share with kids

  • making transitions between homes easier for kids

  • connecting with your kids when you can't be with them

  • establishing bedtime rituals

  • grieving and accepting new life changes

  • repairing parent-child relationships

  • when both parents should attend school events

  • how to navigate pickup/drop offs with ease

  • creating a safe space for your children to process their feelings

  • parenting plan recommendations

  • when to introduce kids to your new partner

  • creating warm, nurturing spaces in both homes