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Your ADD brain is like a mainframe computer... 
with a glitch or two!

ADHD Myths

1. ADD/ADHD is not real... 

ADD (Attention deficit disorder) is a neurological (brain) disorder affecting a person's ability to problem solve, start and complete tasks, focus, arrive to work on time, meet deadlines, remember where your keys are, focus on one thing at a time.  

A person is diagnosed with ADD/ADHD when the things mentioned above cause significant issues and problems in their daily lives.  So... people can struggle with some of those things with minor impact on their daily lives and not have ADD.  

2. People with ADD are lazy... 

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If I had a nickel for every time I heard this one.  People with ADD are some of the hardest, most innovative workers I have ever met.  ADD is not an issue of not working hard enough... it is about working in jobs where employers understand the unique way their mind works and helping them be their most successful selves.   

3. Medication is the best treatment for ADD.

Medication isn't always the best treatment for ADD.  For kids ages 5 and younger, ADD parent behavior coaching is most effective.  Depending on the amount of cognitive and organizational demands, a combination of medication and behavior management coaching can be the most effective.  

ADDers need a supportive, accountability coach to help them focus on the prize, start and complete boring "adulting" tasks, develop structure in their daily lives and help them to not be so self-critical.  They need fun ways to organize and maintain finances, be motivated and help them find a play/work balance.   

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4. Kids and teens always outgrow ADD.

Some kids outgrow ADD.... many others continue to struggle into adulthood, their symptoms just look a little different.  Common symptoms include distractibility and impulsivity at work, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, being on time for meetings, prioritizing, time management, completing tasks on time, accurately estimating the amount of time needed for a task or project, saying yes too often, hyperfocusing.  


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