What is ADD/ADHD?

ADD/ADHD is a brain condition affecting a person's ability to focus and concentrate, plan, complete and finish projects and assignments, sit still, manage feelings, remember important details, understand social cues and have regular restful sleep.  


Why Choose Coaching

ADDers often struggle with motivation, can be super hard on themselves when they don't meet expectations, and they have lower levels of dopamine, the "feel good" chemical.  Often times, they are also impulsive, focusing on activities that are novel, fun and engaging, and find it very difficult to do boring, repetitive tasks.  

ADDers need a supportive, accountability coach to help them focus on the prize, start and complete boring "adulting" tasks, develop structure in their daily lives and help them to not be so self-critical.  They need fun ways to organize and maintain finances, be motivated and help them find a play/work balance.   

Yes, ADD is a gift.  We just need to learn how to control it and use if for the greater good. Some of the challenges ADDers face include:


  • losing keys/assignments daily

  • misplacing bills/homework

  • irritability

  • lack of motivation

  • completing projects

  • poor multi-tasking abilities

  • sleep/tardiness

  • sluggish vs. hyperactivity

  • interrupting others

  • impulsive spending

  • poor planning

  • late to important events

  • exhaustion




Raising Hands
ADD/Non-ADD Parenting

If you are an ADD parent, you may feel overwhelmed with all the daily details of carpools, playdates, soccer practice, parent-teacher conferences, volunteering, bake sales, sleepovers, family vacations, bedtimes.  You may also be  a bit testy and anxious, trying to keep all of your balls in the air.  

Non-ADD parents and partners, you may be tired of the roller coaster or feel perplexed when your partner can't seem to handle the smallest details or see when your kids are struggling.  You may be irritated by chaos, running late to family events or are not sure how to be supportive.    Coaching can help you too!