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Why Playful Awareness Was Created...

Our CEO Sara Minges, M.S., created Playful Awareness in 2009, because she believed parents who were brave, shared their feelings, showed kindness and played together raised happy kids.  Created in Lawrence, KS, Playful Awareness has evolved from a counseling and parent consultation practice specializing in Play Therapy and DBT Therapy, to a parent life coaching, consultation and collaboration practice specializing in the areas of stepfamilies, co-parenting, high conflict couple and family relationships, DBT training and coaching, and ADHD skills training programs for parents and adults living with ADHD.  

Changing Lives Through Transformational Life Coaching and Storytelling

Life coaching is about helping you create a life you love... even when faced with disappointments!  Think of your life coach as your own personal cheerleader-for-hire!  We want you to succeed and live a life of exquisite abundance.  We also ask our clients to make an investment of time, money, and energy in their future happiness, and/or the happiness of their children.  

All of our staff have experience being part of a stepfamily and understand practical day-to-day issues facing co-parents and blended families, including inclusion and exclusion, grieving first families, and the potential loss of extended family or a support system, and parents struggling to navigate their new role as a single parent in their separate home, or now sharing child-raising duties with their ex.  

We tailor our co-parent programs to the specific needs of the clients we work with, instead of offering generic co-parent classes.  We honor each parent's perspective and hope to help each parent identify and agree with solutions to co-parent/stepparent issues.  

If you are a parent considering remarriage with a new partner, we can help you navigate this life change and assess if you are ready for remarriage.  Divorce rates for second and third marriages are much higher than first marriages, partly due to the added stress of becoming stepparents, and the added complication of communicating with your new spouse's ex.  

We are moving our main office from Overland Park, KS to Nashville, TN, starting in August.  During the transition, we will continue to offer office, virtual, and home visits in Kansas, and virtual appointments for clients living in Nashville.  We offer evening and weekend appointments as well, on a case-by-case basis.