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5 Ways to Let Go and Find Happiness

“Letting go is hard to do, yet absolutely necessary.”

playful awareness

September 11 is usually reserved for a day of remembrance for people we lost or the impact of the Twin Tower and Pentagon attacks.

Instead of sadness, I want you to focus on "letting go of the gunk" and being happy. Happiness is not avoidance of negative emotions. Rather, it is mindful acceptance and authentic processing of your emotions. All of your emotions!

People often say they want to be happy, yet are resistant to taking the first steps in the process to achieve happiness. They have become comfortable with having sadness, regret or resentment as part of their everyday life.

5 Ways to Let Go

1. ANGER PAYOFF. Ask yourself what you are getting out of holding on to anger, resentment or sadness. Are you afraid of being vulnerable again and opening yourself up to hurt? Are you living from a place of self-love and compassion or a place of fear and worry?

2. GLUE THE PIECES BACK TOGETHER. This is one of my favorite play therapy activities! Grab a small flower pot, hammer and plastic bag. Put the pot in the plastic bag and hit it with the hammer multiple times. Really take a WHACK at it. Get all that anger out! Allow yourself to grieve the loss of your life before resentment, trauma or grief took over. When you are ready, glue each piece back together, imagining yourself picking up the pieces and moving forward with your life.

3. WRITE IT OUT! Journal about your thoughts and feelings, purging it all. Cuss words, anger and resentment are welcome! Get it all out! Unload and purge your mind, heart and physical body. Write until you can no longer write. Give yourself permission to let go. Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, recommends writing 3 pages of "whatever you want" each morning to release "Brain Drain", the worries, jitters and preoccupations interfering with your day.

4. BIG TOE, LETTING GO MEDITATION. Visualize a small hole in the top of your big toe, allowing your stress, negativity and resentment to be released and leave your body; only to be replaced by love, compassion and gratitude. Truly imagine how it will feel to be happy. Get giddy with excitement!

5. INCREASE JOY IN YOUR DAILY LIFE. Discover what inspires you and do more of it. Whether it’s cooking, traveling, riding a bike, reading, writing poetry, watching a comedy or going to an art museum. Whatever trips your trigger! Take a few minutes each day to be mindful and soak it all in. Play is the straw that stirs the drink of life (Dr. Stuart Brown, M.D.).

I hope you have enjoyed today's blog post! If I can help you with your counseling needs or answer any questions, pleas call 913-244-8786.

Until next time,

Sara Minges, LPC

The Playful Gal

#happiness #forgiveness #joy #journaling

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