4 Tips for Being Playful

playful awareness

Many of you can recall the joy of Legos, Star Wars figures, tinker toys, Barbies, playing hopscotch and having water balloon fights in the backyard. Squeals of laughter erupting, heart racing and just enjoying the act of playing. Why? Because playing is fun!

Too many adults have forgotten how much fun it is to play, partly because of social and media programming, partly because of a work culture that values productivity and profit. Did you know playing can help you achieve your academic, social and workplace goals faster?

Play has so many great benefits!

  • Improves creativity and problem-solving abilities

  • Fosters a workplace culture of loyalty, fun and the desire to be at work

  • Improves social relationships

  • Natural stress reliever

  • Exercises smile muscles and burn calories (laughter)

  • Inspires staff to work harder

  • Reduces workplace burnout

  • Improves mental and physical health

  • Reduces time spent on tasks through being mindful

Here are 4 tips for getting started…

1. Get excited about your life. Imagine your perfect day. What did you have for breakfast and who did you share it with? Did you sleep in, get up early, go for a morning walk, workout at the gym? Did you meet with your ideal clients or put out fires? Did you help make someone’s life better or earn a large commission?

2. Write Down Your Play Story What was your favorite toy or game as a child? What made it special and memorable? What messages were you taught about playing? Do you play is goofing off or does it have value? When was the last time you laughed and did something enjoyable, for yourself, just because?

3. I Am Inspired By… What inspires you? Travel, art, writing poetry, music, reading, hanging out in coffee shops, spending time with friends and family? Or have you forgotten? If yes, why? Write it down or share it with a friend.

4. Create a Laughter File Write down book and movie quotes, save comic strips that made you laugh, save humorous FB memes, journal about funny memories. Life is hard and we all get down sometimes. This file will help give you the extra energy you need to finish a project or report or make i through another long board meeting.

Want to learn more? Call Sara @ 913-244-8786

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