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#1 Sign You Might Be a Workaholic

HAPPY WORKAHOLIC DAY! Here's the GOOD NEWS... you can work lots of hours and not be a workaholic. BAD NEWS... you can work long hours and be a workaholic!

Workaholics, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, are people "who work a lot of the time and find it difficult not to work." Non-workaholics who work long hours are mindfulness experts... they have to be. They understand the importance of compartmentalizing their lives... They have fine-tuned the art of turning off the laptop, Ipad, and cell phone, while cooking dinner. They can enjoy a meal together without needing to check their voicemail or email.

Work/life balance is often a balancing act for most people... especially entrepreneurs. Successful adults have mastered the art of adulting and understand the importance of relationships. They work hard, make important sacrifices in their lives, and they take care of themselves and practice self-care. They get 8 hours of sleep, regularly move or exercise, enjoy hobbies unrelated to work or just because they are fun, and they know when to turn off technology and reconnect with loved ones.

#1 Sign You Might Be a Workaholic...

You Can't Turn Off Work!

You obsess about the emails you need to respond to, worry about work and projects, and have difficulty relaxing and being mindful. It's as if your brain won't let you shut off. Relationships suffer, loved ones feel abandoned or unimportant. Your kids complain you are always on your phone. Or you work long hours and keep working even when you are at home. You are never home for dinner, or spend all weekend at the office.

Never fear... you can change your habits and mindset, and give yourself permission to enjoy life away from work! Want to learn more? Need help creating new habits and leaving work at the office? I can help! Not sure is you need a coach or therapist? Give me a call and we will figure it out together!

Sara Minges is a Life Coach for Creative People, Entrepreneurs, and ADDers. Sara holds an advanced degree in Counseling Psychology and has 20 years of experience providing life coaching services to entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and ADDers. Sara can be reached at

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