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I get it... life is super complicated right now.  So many families are scrambling right now to create a new normal routine.  From schools closing, adjusting to hybrid schedules, opening, closing and opening again, it can be hard to know which way is up, let alone be the mindful parent your kids need and want.  

I'm here to HELP you CLARIFY your life and family goals, get back on track, clear the clutter in your brain and home, and focus on the things and people that matter most.  



I have 20 years of experience helping families improve communication and connection, set clear limits, enforce behavioral expectations with love and kindness, recognize unhealthy and toxic patterns of communication, and develop and achieve happy goals.

I also have two psychology degrees ( in case you were curious), and 10 years of experience as a licensed play therapist.  In 2018, I stopped offering therapy services so I could help more children and families all across the globe.  Instead of therapy, I offer life coaching services for parents and families.  This means I listen to their life stories, help them clarify their goals, teach skills of boundary setting, health and wellness, self-care, and healthy food habits, conflict resolution, and ways to be assertive, not aggressive.  

I've written three books, interviewed by yahoo parenting, and worked with Lady Gaga's Foundation.


I'd love to offer a free exploratory phone call to find out if I can help your family.  I also love to help others locate community resources.  Let's chat soon!

With gratitude,

Sara Minges, M.S., Parent Coach + Consultant



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