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Life is MESSY!  Sometimes we create our own messes and other times people just dump their messes all over our kitchen floors or our clothes and expect us to clean up everything like it never happened.  Too often we rush to clean up the spilled milk in our lives without feeling the pain of heartache, betrayal, or loneliness.  Sadly, this often comes back to bite us every single time!    

We create coping skills at the moment and think we are just fine... until they stop working.  Or cause even bigger messes down the road. 


Mental health coaching helps us develop healthy coping skills, let go of toxic patterns and ways of living, and clarify our life goals.  We learn how to set and maintain boundaries with people in our lives while loving ourselves.  We learn why getting 8 hours of sleep at night matters so much, what foods make us feel good and help our metabolism work for us, how to handle rejection, and effective ways to stay in control of our feelings.  

Mental health coaching teaches us DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) Skills of mindfulness, radical acceptance, and relationship skills.  Through practicing and implementing these skills in our daily lives.  Mental health coaching also helps us have confidence in ourselves  

LOVING your LIFE is about being mentally healthy, understanding when things don't feel right, and changing things before they become unmanageable! 

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