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Life Coaching for Creatives

Creative people/entrepreneurs struggle with unique life challenges... 

     * Imposter Syndrome

     * Self-confidence

     * Performance Anxiety

     * Work/Life Balance

     * Time Management - making time for all the things and people they love

     * Saying yes to the right opportunities and no to the wrong ones

     * Cash flow

     * Setting personal and professional boundaries

     * Believing in their creative pursuits even without family support/encouragement


I Am A Poet, Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Entrepreneur


I see you...  your struggles, triumphs, and all the messy stuff between heartache and triumph.  I understand the blood, sweat, tears, sacrifices, and hours needed to achieve your dreams....

I'm also a former play therapist and understand how important creativity, play, and doing the things you love is in creating a joyful, happy, fulfilled life.  I've also fallen down and failed more times than I can count... 


This means my resiliency muscle is hard as steel, and I know failing is a part of becoming successful and achieving your dreams.  If we all got it right the first time, we would never step outside our comfort zones, improve our creative skills, and grow as people!  

Lots of hard stuff going on in the world around us.  I'm offering a free 15 minute phone session to people interested in making real changes in their daily lives.  Let's chat!!!


With gratitude,

Sara Minges, M.S., Life Coach for Creatives



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